How do I get a permit to remodel my bathroom or basement in Wellington Colorado?

We often get the question, “ What is the process for adding a room , a bathroom or finishing an entire basement in Wellington Colorado?” We have done the process so we thought we would share with our readers how the process works. First, Hale Home Doctor suggests that you put together a set of plans for what you would like to have done. Next, If you choose to go with a remodeling company like ours, this is the next step. WE would meet with you and decide what you would like to do. Next, we would measure your entire basement and then scope out the area that you would like a bathroom or bedroom added. The information that the city of Wellington will need provided on the plans are: electrical, plumbing, walls, fans, egress windows, smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. Once you agree on a price with your contractor, unless you are re doing it yourself, you would submit the plans to the City of Wellington for review. Wellington usually turns their permits around pretty quickly, 7-10 business days. You will receive an email with any revisions they need made to the plans for their approval . You will then need to pay for the permit. At that point they will release you your permit to be able to begin the project. Your work is now done and it is now time for a company like Hale Home Doctor to start their work. We would frame up your walls with expansion walls and then hire licensed electricians to install the electrical or hire plumbers to get the plumbing work done. Once their work is completed, then you submit to the city of Wellington once again for inspection of the expansion/ rough framing, electrical, plumbing, if applicable, and HVAC , if applicable. They have to do all of these in ONE inspection. If you have a good contractor, you should pass inspection but it is not a big deal if you do not. You make the proper repairs as a contractor and call for a re-inspection. Then you are on to the next portion of the project. You install drywall, vanities, doors and trim and whatever finish work your project may involve. . Then you or your contractor would call for the final inspection. The city of Wellington comes back and tests the electrical to make sure it is GFI protected along with arc-fault protected, if applicable. All basements outlets have to be GFI protected. They will check to make sure that drywall, lights, and plumbing are installed properly. When they sign your final paperwork, usually the same day, you will sign the contractor’s final paperwork. It is time to party because your project is all completed to your satisfaction. It is a complicated process but honestly it can be achieved. Hale Home Doctor would love to walk with you through the process for your basement remodel. We will attach the link here for the Wellington Colorado website to see the permit application form.Homeowner Online Permit Application

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