Basement Finish-outs

An efficient way to add more space in your home starts in your basements. You can turn that dark and dank place called your basement into a bright and comfortable place to live. Do you have a family that is growing and need more living space? Do you have an elderly loved one that you’re bringing into your home to provide care? Maybe you are starting a home business or want to add a man cave or crafting room? Whatever is driving your need or desire for more livable space ,the best way to achieve it starts with what you have in your basement. A lot of homes here in Colorado come with unfinished basements. This unfinished space can be finished and transformed into a comfortable living space with all the amenities you could want. A basement remodel can cost you thousands of dollars, but if you stick to your daily needs, with a little spruce up, you can go a long ways. Ask yourself, what is it that your house lacks? While you decide, consider the practical ways to make them happen. Maybe a complete basement remodel is not in your budget, but a bathroom would really be helpful. Hale Home Doctor can put one in! Perhaps a game room, a guest bedroom, a fitness/ rec room is in your scope. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to discuss and explore your ideas with you. Hale Home Doctor wants to be your home’s doctor, here to address any concerns, desires, or future dreams you may have.


If you need to expand your septic leech field for the extra rooms for your basement or addition remodel, we are NAWT  ( National Wastewater Technician)  certified to be able to expand on your septic system. Let us know your need in this area and give us a call!”

What to expect:

We want to make this process as easy for you as possible. We can make a set of plans with you that meet your exact expectations. You will not pay us anything until after we provide a service. Once we decide on the plans , the contract and the price, the project started. We only hire licensed subcontractors to do the plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work. We know that working in a basement creates some dust and debris. We take care to minimize it as much as possible. We cover the air ducts, so dust doesn’t get into your ventilation system. At the end of every day, we clean up thoroughly. We believe that taking care of your home while we are in it is our highest priority! We are professionals and act like professionals. You will not hear cussing, loud music or any kind of alcohol or the like on the job. We are careful to choose our subcontractors to meet the same standards. If you want to know more about me and my company, go to our About page for more information.