any Repair needed

Loose banisters, rotted steps, a door that won’t latch — these little problems are often the biggest headaches for homeowners. Contractors don’t seem interested in returning calls for small handyman repairs, let alone actually making the repairs. Many people used to rely on some nice, retired fellow down the block who was happy to make small repairs for a modest hourly rate, but times have changed. Modern licensing and insurance rules have cut back on the number of “casual” handymen.

We know from our own home that small repairs and what we call “handyman work” are apart of every one’s lives. A handyman is defined as a “ maintenance professional who preforms maintenance on a client’s home or an office building.”  Hale Home Doctor is here to do just that! We can do the smallest repairs, from changing smoke alarm batteries to your bigger repairs, like re-tiling your kitchen backsplash. If your home needs it, we have the experience to repair your home or business. Give us call and we would be happy to look at whatever you have. If it doesn’t fall under handyman services, your job may fall under one of our other service categories. Please visit our service pages.

We are your complete home doctor that wants to make our “patient’s” homes feel better! We offer complete home and building maintenance. The repairs of doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and any other repairs of a home or office are services we offer. Installing and replacing floors, stairs and trim work are jobs we provide. Repairing bathroom fixtures and minor plumbing are parts of the home that need regular attendance. Fire safety and carbon monoxide danger are needs in every home and we can install smoke alarms, replace smoke alarm batteries, or install CO2 detectors for your safety. Our services are many and include just about any household repairs, fix up or fix it jobs, and to top it off, furniture assembly.